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Luis Moro, Consultant, Being Trainable

Luis Moro brings clients thirty years of experience in transformational coaching, consulting, training, and development. 

Luis developed Being Trainable as a reliable methodology ensuring clients maximize and obtain the most benefits from their investments in training and development for themselves, employees, and teams. 

His industry engagements include Real Estate Sales, Mortgage Banking, Construction, Technology, Entertainment, Veterans, and Governance.

The Veterans ACT team incorporates Being Trainable distinctions to empower military servicemen and women to succeed in their lives, careers, and parenting. Consider, if you’re not getting what you want out of life, you’re not Being Trainable.

“Being Trainable is one of the most important skill sets a person can have.” Luis Moro


We’re People Empowering People.

Being Trainable is a context for living. An empowering education that provides distinctions to learn and achieve your goals, dreams, and potential.

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Declare: I AM a Professional Parent.

The Professional Parenting Methodology is a sustainable education to raise “Fully-functioning, Self-determining” children.

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No Veteran is Left Behind.

Our career determines our personal and financial freedom. We train Veterans how to earn personal and financial freedom with a mortgage financing career.

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