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Declare: I AM a Professional Parent.

A Professional Parent is committed to raising “fully functioning, Self-determining” children.

Being a parent can be considered a high-performance career. As with any profession, ongoing training and development are mandatory to continuously improve performance.

The Professional Parenting methodology is a proven set of distinctions that provide a pathway to practice and create “fully functioning, Self-determining” children.

The more parents learn, practice, and teach, fully functioning and Self-determining distinctions to their children, the more value they gain for themselves and their lives.

The distinctions in our parenting styles, ultimately provide the benefits and value determining the quality of our relationships with our children. Professional Parenting distinctions give parents the ability to create a deeply profound relationship with their children.

Professional Parenting is a must-learn for everyone committed to raising fully functioning, Self-determining children as well as being a fully functioning, Self-determining person.

  • “I love how it feels…” —Yolanda, Marriage & Family Therapist
  • “A wonderful methodology” —Diane, Clinical School Psychologist
  • “I applaud the work, wisdom, and teaching…” —Michelle, Ph.D. Family Behavioral Psychologist
  • “Superb, revolutionary…” —Nathalie, International Business Consultant
  • “A must-read for all parents…” —Manny, Father & entrepreneur
  • “Inspired me to make better choices…” —Sonia, Mother & Executive

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Professional Parents find themselves with a newfound source of power, freedom, and Self-expression. The Professional Parenting Methodology gives you the distinctions required to raise a fully functioning and Self-determining child.

  • Self-paced online course
  • Private Lecture online course
  • Group interactive online course
  • One-on-one live personal coach training

Available in: Audio, PDF, Video, Private Coaching, Group Training.

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Declare: I AM a Professional Parent.

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