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Hollywood Executive

  • An entertainment executive has two robust boys who are masters of disruption. Especially when life     does not go their way. Disruption is a learned practice many young children and adults do at any age.
  • We introduced the brothers to practicing The Professional 5A’s game. The 5A’s game creates a great environment where everyone’s goal is to be able to have any conversation, about anything, with anyone, anywhere, and anytime without being disruptive or throwing a tantrum.
  • One of the brothers embraced and played the Professional Parent “5A’s game” instantly. Within one-­‐ day this boy was sharing proudly how he could do “The 5A’s” with anyone. First, he would repeat the 5A’s, then share his real-life examples. His competitive brother caught on and began to participate in the 5A’s game too.
  • Soon when people around the brothers could not have a productive conversation, the boys would hold them (especially adults) to account using and practicing the 5A’s.
  • The executive, (father) also practiced the 5A’s in areas of his life. Productivity improves when people use tthe5A’s in any industry under and all circumstances.