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Corporate Executive

  • A high-level executive trained, educated, and versed in management leaderships skills and responsible for over 10,000 employees could no longer generate career satisfaction. She was wise enough to know her dissatisfaction is impacting her management team which in turn had an impact on the entire organization.
  • By declaring she’s a Professional Parent and practicing our distinctions she saw that she already has the most valuable satisfaction in life anyone can have, her three children.
  • Her dissatisfaction was created by trying to fit her children into her career. That’s all she knew to do. We consulted     her on seeing it’s the other way around: she must be a Professional Parent first and her career is there to have her succeed in raising fully functioning, self-determining children.
  • Her job was not in the way of parenting, her focus on doing one verse the other shifted. She now practices Professional Parenting distinctions in all areas. This is a creative practice of learning new “Combinations of Language” for the events of every new day.
  • What works today as a parent, may not work tomorrow. This applies to parenting, business, and all areas of life. By practicing the Professional Parent “Combinations of Language” she creates what needs to be said to instantly empower herself, family, and associates.