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No Veteran is Left Behind


We’re People Empowering Veterans.

The Veterans ACT team empowers Veterans to succeed.

Being Trainable courses and coaching provides “Fully-functioning, Self-determining” distinctions for producing results.

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Advanced Career Training

Professional Parenting Education

Mortgage Career Training and Placement

Advanced Career Training

Being Trainable with the education and resources available today, all Veterans can succeed.

Veterans Win Being Trainable

•The people, resources, and opportunities exist to achieve your goals.

•To fulfill your potential, you must practice Being Trainable.

•Being Trainable, No Veteran is left behind.


We’re People Empowering People.

Being Trainable is a context for living. An empowering education that provides distinctions to learn and achieve your goals, dreams, and potential.

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Declare: I AM a Professional Parent.

The Professional Parenting Methodology is a sustainable education to raise “Fully-functioning, Self-determining” children.

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No Veteran is Left Behind.

Our career determines our personal and financial freedom. We train Veterans how to earn personal and financial freedom with a mortgage financing career.

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People Empowering Veterans

We are Military Veterans, Career Professionals, and Companies Committed to Empowering Veterans to create and live the lives they want and deserve.

No Veteran Left Behind is our Vision. Being Trainable is our Pathway. Our partners are people committed to helping active military, veterans, and their families succeed in all areas of life. We are people empowering people.

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No Veteran Left Behind

Being Trainable Courses

Practicing “Fully-functioning, Self-determining” distinctions is a competitive advantage for life, parenting, and career.