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No Veteran is Left Behind


We’re People Empowering People.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

R. Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller

We’re people committed to empowering people. We believe with the education and resources available today, all United States Veterans can succeed.

Being Trainable bridges the military training of Veterans with the distinctions to succeed in the civilian world of opportunities.

Our Vision: People Empowering People.

Our Mission: No Veteran is Left Behind.

Being Trainable Advantage

Military servicemen and women are highly trained, motivated, and dedicated people. They know how to commit to any knowledge base and learn it well. Their skillsets and characteristics are a competitive advantage in any area of life.

The Veterans ACT Being Trainable methodology gives Veterans the experiential knowledge required to transfer their military skillsets and characteristics to create, adapt, and utilize in their civilian lifestyle.

A new approach to succeed with existing resources

Being Trainable is a sustainable competitive advantage that empowers fully functioning, Self-determining distinctions for life. Our coaching specializes in an overall context for life, Professional Parenting, and fulfilling career paths.

We assert the problems, issues, and circumstances that people face today are not fixed or permanent in any particular way of Being. There are many great programs, education, and resources available to help and empower Veterans.

Being Trainable helps Veterans learn, upgrade, and transcend potentially negative views of what’s possible in their lives. Being Trainable distinctions empower action towards the many great opportunities available in the world today.

Use your digital potential effectively

In today’s world, you can digitally learn right now from your phone anywhere in the world. The methods and styles of learning, training, and developing one’s own skill sets are in abundance. No one is being stopped from obtaining the education they need to succeed. Unless they are not Being Trainable. You can start Being Trainable right now for any lifestyle you want.

Being Trainable programs are available as:

  • Audio Courses
  • Video Courses
  • PDF downloads
  • Published books
  • Online self-paced courses
  • Online lectured guided courses
  • Group courses
  • One on One coaching.

Choose your preference and start Being Trainable today. Being Trainable is your competitive advantage.